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How to Find the Best Free Job Posting Platforms in India

Finding the right job posting platform can be time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort. With a little research and creativity, employers can discover some of the best free job posting platforms in India that meet their specific needs.

Look at the Platform’s Reviews and Reputation.

Before deciding on a job posting platform, take some time to explore various review sites and see what other employers are saying about their experiences. Be sure to read both positive and negative reviews so you can get a comprehensive understanding of its features, benefits, and drawbacks. You should also investigate the company’s reputation in the industry by checking out awards or rankings it has earned from third-party organizations.

Make Sure the Platform is Mobile-Friendly.

It’s essential to ensure that the job posting platform is optimized for mobile use, as a majority of jobseekers in India search for jobs on their mobile devices. This will make it easier for job seekers to access your postings, and it may also affect your ranking on various job boards. To determine if the platform is optimized for mobile use, try out the website on both desktop and mobile versions. Also look at the platform’s design to make sure that it is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and user friendly.

Additionally, check to see if the platform provides access to analytics and reporting features. This can be useful for understanding how well a job listing has been performing and for adjusting postings as needed. It’s also beneficial to find out if the platform offers any tools for targeting specific candidates or for improving targeting in general. Finally, it pays to look into whether the job posting platform offers any kind of promotional tools like showcasing your listings at the top of search results or social media integration. By taking these steps, you can identify the best free job posting platforms in India for your needs.

One of the most important considerations in choosing a job posting platform is whether or not it is mobile-friendly. In India, over 50% of online searches currently originate from a mobile device, so it’s essential to make sure that any job postings you make can be viewed properly from smartphones and tablets. A mobile-friendly platform will automatically adjust your postings for different screen sizes, as well as notify applicants via text message about any changes or updates. This will help ensure that job seekers across India have access to your listing, no matter which device they are using to search.

Know Your Target Audience.

One of the first things to consider when selecting a job posting platform is who your target audience is. Are you looking for new graduates? Highly experienced professionals? Knowing your ideal candidate can help you narrow down your selections from an overwhelming number of job boards in India. Consider the different demographic, age range, and location when evaluating each job board to narrow your options and find the right platform for you.

Further, research the type of job boards each potential platform is best suited for. Are you looking for freelance and gig-based postings, or longer-term positions? Review job board profile pages to get an understanding of the types of profiles that have posted in the past. Additionally, many of these platforms offer analytics tools for recruiters to measure posting performance and engagement. Take some time to review and understand a platform’s analytics before you commit so as to ensure you’re able to track which works best for your open positions.

Further, look for job boards that have a long established presence and large user base. Check their reviews from their users, average number of applicants per posting and the engagement levels of recruiters. Pay close attention to any feedback about the quality of applicants or ease of use for recruiters. These are all important details to know in order to choose a reliable job portal in India. With the right platform, you can increase your chances of landing qualified candidates quickly and easily.

Research and Compare Job Boards

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential job posting platforms, the next step is to research and compare each one. Evaluate their user experience and the types of job postings they offer. Does the platform have a high number of active job seekers? Can employers post more than one job at a time? Are there any extra features like resume parsing and applicant tracking that are included? These are all important factors to consider before deciding which job board is right for you.

Additionally, make sure to investigate the pricing structure. Many sites will give employers the option to choose between free postings and paid subscriptions that come with additional benefits like analytics, support and even localization capabilities. Consider which payment plan fits your budget, or if you can find a job board that offers a fully customized solution to meet your needs. Also look into any required contracts or commitments; some platforms may require submissions on an ongoing basis while others require a minimum duration or number of postings. Ultimately, selecting the right job board should be based on how it aligns with your company’s strategy and budget. Naukri is the clear market leader in India’s jobs market, especially for white and grey collared roles.

Linkedin serves well for white collared roles. Candidates on Linkedin are generally more responsive. However, Linkedin does not publish salary details of candidates making it tough for recruiters to use sometimes. Monster and Shine also play majorly in the white collared space but the data of jobseekers that they hold is lesser compared to Naukri.

Indeed allows you to post a job and keep promoting it on a daily basis by putting in marketing budget. IIMjobs works fine to find candidates for premium roles. Hirist is used for hiring IT developers and is run by the iimjobs team.

Updazz can be used for finding sales candidates. is built on top of job boards where an expert team of Talent Hunters will scout all these job boards and find the best candidates for you.

Apna, Workindia and Aasaanjobs should also be taken into consideration while looking to advertise jobs in India, especially for blue collared roles. Apna is popular amongst Gen Z and millennials since jobseekers can research salaries and connect with each other on community groups. Aasaanjobs remains the leader in this space since it provides end-to-end recruitment services targeted towards blue collar and hourly roles.

Lastly, AngelList is another platform that should not be overlooked. Although primarily used for startups, larger companies are beginning to use the platform as well due to its large network of tech professionals who have already been vetted by other employers on the platform. Evaluate which platforms fit your budget, goals, and specific requirements in order to choose the right job board for your recruiting needs.

However, every job board will give you only limited access without payment. Be ready to shell out money to get access to more candidates. Before selecting a job board for your recruitment process, take the time to research and compare each platform’s features. Consider factors such as user experience, active job seekers on the platform, pricing plans and other features like resume parsing and applicant tracking that may be included. Additionally, look into any required contracts or commitments before selecting a job board. Depending on your company’s strategy and budget, you may decide to opt for free postings or more customized paid subscriptions with additional benefits.

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