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3 Ways Flyvheel Is Helping Startups Build Their Team

Let’s face it: No entrepreneur has ever scaled their business from the surface level alone. Every successful business has flourished and escalated due to the sheer knack, and hard work of the entire team.

Your team and its people decide either to make the company or break it. It’s the team that takes you forward. It’s the team that helps you grow. And yes, it’s a team that wins on the day of the day.

All the startups that have stood the test of time had a staunch pool of talent and teamwork. Therefore, it is foremost to be selective and strategic when building your team. Now you might ask, ‘How do I build the right team for my startup?’ and the solution to that is Flyvheel. With Flexi-hiring and technology with a human touch, Flyvheel, a hiring platform, enables startups to make admirable and swift recruitment decisions.

Their portal integration feature eases the integration between various hiring platforms like, LinkedIn, and Monster. Still not convinced? Here are three ways Flyvheel is helping startups build their teams.

Creating a Company Pitch with You

Every startup out there should realise that they’re not Google or Amazon that candidates would be dying to join them. No hard feelings. That said, there is still a pool of talent out there who’d be willing to join you if you get one thing right; A rock-solid company pitch. And that’s where Flyvheel comes in.

Flyvheel creates an engaging pitch about your company by highlighting your company vision, footprint, and founder’s journey. What more? Flyvheel also sends the same to the candidates.

For startup hiring, it’s vital to present your company adequately. Flyvheel efficiently communicates the culture, values, and mission of your company to the potential candidates by using hiring best practices.

Offers an Elaborate Assessment Process

Startups receive numerous applications. However, a massive chunk of those applications is from habitual applicants who apply to at least 15-20 jobs every month with no intention of joining. Can be annoying, right?

To make sure that your company reaches the right set of applicants, Flyvheel offers an elaborate assessment process that automatically takes care of the non-serious candidates.

Flywheel also integrates online assessment by assembling the details of candidates from different platforms like, LinkedIn and more. Its Robotic process automation helps in screening candidates faster and bringing in the right candidates.

Providing One Way Interview For Quick Evaluation

By providing a one-way video interview, Flyvheel helps create video profiles for the recruiter’s ease. As a result, the recruiter’s end up saving a ton of time. Besides that, features like integrated online assessments and recording filter out non-relevant applicants. These help in shortlisting the right candidates by doing a quick evaluation.


Every startup has different human resources requirements. What’s common, however, is the need to hire the right talent to build an unwavering team. And using Flyvheel for your startup hiring is bound to land you the best talent.

By assisting recruiters with the company pitch, it’ll portray your startup in a just way. The assessment process and one-way video interview help startups in shortlisting the right candidates in no time. So go ahead and build your dream team. Happy Flyvheeling!

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